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Make smarter trading decisions with AI insights.

Englishact provides a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to assist traders in making informed decisions. Get real-time, accurate market data and insights with our powerful technical analysis tools and discover new opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.

Unlock the power of AI for trading.

Ready to maximize your trading opportunities? With Englishact's advanced technical analysis and AI-generated signals, you can take your crypto trading to the next level with confidence. Get reliable insight today and start seeing the results you want.

Unlock the power of AI for trading.
Trade like the pros.

Trade like the pros.

Get access to the same strategies as the pros with Englishact. Follow top traders and get notified when they open, close or adjust their positions, so you can make informed decisions in real-time.

Track whale activities for 1000+ markets.

Keep an eye on the market and never miss an opportunity. Get alerted of large buys/sells and track history of whale activities for 1000+ Future & Spot markets with Englishact. Stay informed, stay ahead.

Track whale activities for 1000+ markets.
Be the first to know when the market moves.

Be the first to know when the market moves.

Stay one step ahead with real-time alerts on market pumps & dumps and unusual volume activities. Take advantage of every opportunity with Englishact.

Unlock your full Crypto Trading Potential with Englishact.

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