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Sample wordword unscrambler value
i?li???a??e?? illiteracies
ca??ll?????s capillaritis
d??ti??at??y? distillatory
l?n??p???????? long-planned
cont??e??iu?? contubernium
c?u?bi????s?? clubbishness
t?or?c?s?o??? thoracoscopy
k??ato?o?ies? keratotomies
?n??str?p??l antistrophal
o??n-?ir?es? open-airness
?o???i?hti???? copyrighting
p?r?el?gre?k parcel-greek
???j??t?v?s? ? subjectivism
t??o?u?g??ic thiotungstic
?ric?rina???? tricarinated
s??la?le?es? scalableness
aug?n???b???? augen-gabbro
??t????l?t???? intercalates
??t?o?rus???? nitroprussic
or?g?a?h??a? oroggaphical
???h??eight??? lightweights
??aco??tr?um?? rhacomitrium
??r?si?e?i?? ? parasitelike
???cli?????? ? nonclimactic
?on?v?idable?? nonavoidable
d?so??en?ing?? disorienting
enop?????????? enoptromancy
??s????e???s unsevereness
d?????i??????? damnificatus
de-sta?in?z? ? de-stalinize
pro?nde???t?? proindemnity
??c??c?psule microcapsule
ant?mora?i?t?? antimoralist
??????a?ytic? subparalytic
?b?r??ia?i?n abbreviation
pa??y?e???id? pachydermoid
???ito?????e? irritomotile
sali??????de?? salicylamide
a????-?eei??? afore-seeing
?i???f?ushe?? high-flushed
?u????es?ia??? subcelestial
??ub????sse? ? grubbinesses
wr??gl??shi??? wranglership
o??t??lobo??? ovatoglobose
tw???-?er?ft? twice-bereft
r?t?ograd??? ? retrogradism
no???i?o???? ? nonspinosity
?i?p?lyt???e? hippolytidae
?p?n???s??p??? sponsorships
????g?n???e?? unengineered
?r????c?l?n? precanceling
?a?omotor?a??? vasomotorial
o?tol?g?si?g? ontologising
c?unt??s?i?? ? counterspies
???o??uo?id? borofluoride
reas?u?i??ly?? reassuringly
????s-????ed? cross-ferred
h?po?ot???us? hypocotylous
an?u?a?i?i?s angularities
??l??h?n??t? ? xylophonists
???k?u??l?ke?? bankruptlike
ste?dine?se? ? steadinesses
pseudo?ab??s pseudorabies
?i???boo?i???? wild-booming
shu??le?oc???? shuttlecocks
p??am?dal?sm?? pyramidalism
?n????o???a??? uncolloquial
no??cc?n??al nonaccentual
p?l??????t?c? polytungstic
no??u??o?sl??? nonruinously
pr?-j?????a? ? pre-judicial
?e?ide??n?te? semidefinite
e????p?i?????? expropriated
??f????al?ze? effectualize
i?o??e??an?y?? inobservancy
?o??s??e?s?s morosenesses
b?o??i??n??s?? brownishness
?o??????i???? conveyorized
??????????ly? astoundingly
l?ly-c?owned ? lily-crowned
??c?????h???? backbenchers
wate???a?t?r water-caster
n?n??o?s?????? nondropsical
t?????ssne???? tonelessness
?osel?l?ch?n moselblmchen
??orc?s???o? exorcisation
?c?a?i?nle?? ? occasionless
u?????te??rs upholsterers
?nn?t?r??i???? unnaturality
r?????e?min? red-gleaming
g?illot????m ? guillotinism
?i???enwar??? kitchenwards
w?od?h???in? ? woodshedding
?l??p-l?ving sleep-loving
sch?ffhau????? schaffhausen
a????vi?ua?s? audiovisuals
?t??e-?ati?g ? stone-eating
co?nter???te countertaste
?e??y?hand?d?? ready-handed
n?n????y???? nondialyzing
pa?e?st???ed ? pale-striped

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Sample wordJumble solver value
sroptihdriat traditorship
fsseoryftlel effortlessly
isehcporurti peritrichous
tuonegoulf-d foul-tongued
onopletbaaci paleobotanic
eitelinsgraw trianglewise
outidloscsya isodactylous
eitvhaeiertd hereditative
piloarstacti laparosticti
laahceoncmli melancholiac
at-geahrutcp gutta-percha
eniereptnics pertinencies
sagk-donhnel long-shanked
tocbmtphaior bathmotropic
niaittmoonin nonimitation
llrotipomast patrollotism
tfe-hlfodsse soft-fleshed
ppsahdtaser- strap-shaped
remsrsenethf refreshments
halceeplaten telencephala
enbrek-agfin free-banking
eagtcusslt-r glass-cutter
tuolrisplhay artiphyllous
nilgriucrpe- price-ruling
oecoaamngein gnomoniaceae
nnceidesonsf confinedness
rierliesrevb liverberries
nsgvishlnese shelvingness
rdrlvedioee- evil-ordered
eevsdfsdil-e self-devised
nieeesrdvows overwideness
rlirhaccseae clairseacher
-asteolgtuin lotus-eating
ltleymvnaloe malevolently
ndtooraoohnp odontophoran
rat-amkerrde trade-marker
scfrriestano fornicatress
-ackedebhlda black-headed
snperiaitodv deprivations
rveerifeebrs feverberries
oeshguonhest hesthogenous
loessdrai-tl ill-assorted
hprluyesnmua superhumanly
attryeerdhat tetrahydrate
efriiiadnygc reacidifying
ieslwlllvpoe powellsville
lferuaoqrpor quarrelproof
lsetotsauqmi milquetoasts
lmaoyogzinmn ammonolyzing
egrriiupnsms presurmising
soccdaihsaer disaccharose
etrpaoipednp preappointed
nfdd-iltoeym lofty-minded
aelehthr-laf half-leather
ramanpechjyl clanjamphrey
llycaptinuea paniculately
vlaecdh-kiet thick-leaved
hhehritemmpe hephthemimer
amietthoyelr metarhyolite
ireltneicset scleretinite
aseaeebtssln teasableness
cmpacveiilot complicative
nreuntedudni unindentured
crsnenxuecet unexcrescent
hercbmiebrad bridechamber
icrcvneivyse reviviscency
h-eiredctgkg ketch-rigged
enrtoiinwghn nonwithering
erseddisdes- side-dressed
ieryfdvniisg diversifying
arahmpecytad pachydermata
snoiltnneier nonresilient
o-tlfopdauno foot-poundal
rstnaonmtiie terminations
roapgliupizn popularizing
psrsihuciene sinecureship
tneiicrprsop prescription
hndeeapiliod delphinoidea
ndells-osegi single-soled
ldye-stereth three-styled
snerteisulpc splenicterus
rtpwlpelae-d well-trapped
rtvecsouevoo overcovetous
resrpsainetu serpentarius
rrcdinottaco contradictor
catsdeeudpnh undespatched
tisoncruuvio unvictorious
sieltnetrdca decentralist
tramyimyents antisymmetry
aurneohtsrtp porteranthus
ohrotocciahl holothoracic
aenmibdaeiss endamebiasis
ceretcaaabie bacteriaceae
chaorstagryi cystorrhagia
ohtneitocamr monotrichate
osorndieluni nondelirious
aplruadpelne unapparelled
oocreaustprm macropterous
riiiprveptme preprimitive
trpailaoelet tripaleolate
eccf-efat-oa face-to-face

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English Verbs s/es/ies Forms

Main verbs/es/ies form
leak leaks
proceed proceeds
shoe shoes
converge converges
convict convicts
plead pleads
shirk shirks
grade grades
rattle rattles
imagine imagines
chip chips
fling flings
oblige obliges
soothe soothes
utter utters
sow sows
call calls
pray prays
shit shits
bereave bereaves

Online Verbal Ability Test - English Verbs s/es/ies Forms

English Verbs Past and Past Participle Forms

Main verbPast formPast Participle form
leak leaked leaked
proceed proceeded proceeded
shoe shod shod
converge converged converged
convict convicted convicted
plead pled pled
shirk shirked shirked
grade graded graded
rattle rattled rattled
imagine imagined imagined
chip chipped chipped
fling flung flung
oblige obliged obliged
soothe soothed soothed
utter uttered uttered
sow sowed sowed
call called called
pray prayed prayed
shit shit shit
bereave bereft bereft

Online Verbal Ability Test - Present, Past and Past Participle Verb

English Verbs ing Forms

Main verbVerbs ING Forms
leak leaking
proceed proceeding
shoe shoeing
converge converging
convict convicting
plead pleading
shirk shirking
grade grading
rattle rattling
imagine imagining
chip chipping
fling flinging
oblige obliging
soothe soothing
utter uttering
sow sowing
call calling
pray praying
shit shitting
bereave bereaving

Online Verbal Ability Test - English Verbs ING Forms

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