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1. It is a good thing for an uneducated man to read a book of quotations.

2. Too much traffic with a quotation book begets a conviction of ignorance in a sensitive reader. not only is there a mass of quotable stuff he never quotes, but an even vaster realm of which he has never heard.

3. Quotations are useful in periods of ignorance or obscurantist beliefs.

4. The wisdom of the wise and the experience of the ages are perpetuated by quotations.

5. When we would prepare the mind by a forcible appeal, and opening quotation is a symphony precluding on the chords those tones we are about to harmonize.

6. In the dime stores and bus stations, people talk of situations, read books, repeat quotations, draw conclusions on the wall.

7. In spite of his practical ability, some of his experience had petrified into maxims and quotations.

8. I hate quotations. tell me what you know.

9. Stay at home in your mind. don't recite other people's opinions. i hate quotations. tell me what you know.

10. The adventitious beauty of poetry may be felt in the greater delight with a verse given in a happy quotation than in the poem.

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Few cross the river of time and are able to reach non-being. most of them run up and down only on this side of the river. but those who when they know the law follow the path of the law, they shall reach the other shore and go beyond the realm of death.
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