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You have to put jumble word inside textbox above. There is no limit of your word length. We have a database containg 100000+ words of correct spelling. Your submitted letters will be matched with our recorded words. We have a program designed. This program will rearrange your jumbled letter using permutation formula. After each permutation, result will be matched with our database words. This process will be done for all possible permutation. After that, we will show you all possible answers. Just unjumble your jumbled word! Jumble Solver is our another big similar application.

Currently we are are showing results only for all possible english words. Now we are collecting words of other language. When we will get wordlists of any language, we will create jumble word solver of that language. If you have all wordlist of any language, please mail us. We will be glad to you if you help us to improve our system.


Suppose, you have putten CTA in the textbox area. It is clear that there are six possible permutation of the jumble word. They are : CTA, CAT, TCA, TAC, ACT, ATC. But there are only two original words: CTA and ACT. Our database has these two words recorded. So, our program will represnt you CTA and ACT

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This disorder word calculator is useful to solve IQ questions. Also, it is very useful to memorize and learn many words. This will help you in many examinations like GRE.

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If you have any question or suggestion about our solution, please send us mail. We will try to improve our system vastly in future.