The best Quotations

Do you know the writers of the following quotations?

Quotation I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today. - writer
Quotation First you destroy those who create values. Then you destroy those who know what the values are, and who also know that those destroyed before were in fact the creators of values. But real barbarism begins when no one can any longer judge or know that what he does is barbaric. - writer
Quotation No one will dare maintain that it is better to do injustice than to bear it. - writer
Quotation We Americans have always considered Hollywood, at best, a sinkhole of depraved venality. And, of course, it is. It is not a Protective Monastery of Aesthetic Truth. It is a place where everything is incredibly expensive. - writer
Quotation My advice to those who think they have to take off their clothes to be a star is, once you're boned, what's left to create the illusion? Let em wonder. I never believed in giving them too much of me. - writer
Quotation Marriage is an adventure, like going to war. - writer