The best Quotations

Time, whose tooth gnaws away at everything else, is powerless against truth.
- Thomas Henry Huxley

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Quotation Happiness is like manna; it is to be gathered in grains, and enjoyed every day. It will not keep; it cannot be accumulated; nor have we got to go out of ourselves or into remote places to gather it, since it has rained down from a Heaven, at our very door - writer
Quotation Narcissus does not fall in love with his reflection because it is beautiful, but because it is his. If it were his beauty that enthralled him, he would be set free in a few years by its fading. - writer
Quotation Pity is a thing often vowed, seldom felt; hatred is a thing often felt, seldom avowed. - writer
Quotation Conclusive facts are inseparable from inconclusive except by a head that already understands and knows. - writer
Quotation Fact I know; and Law I know; but what is this Necessity, save an empty shadow of my own mind's throwing? - writer
Quotation As I grow older, I pay less attention to what people say. I just watch what they do. - writer