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There are few people so stubborn in their atheism who when danger is pressing in will not acknowledge the divine power.
- Plato

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Quotation Indignation is a submission of our thoughts, but not of our desires. - writer
Quotation Though I look old, yet I am strong and lusty; for in my youth I never did apply hot and rebellious liquors in my blood; and did not, with unbashful forehead, woo the means of weakness and debility: therefore my age is as a lusty winter, frosty but kindly. - writer
Quotation Goals determine what you're going to be. - writer
Quotation When I look into the future, it is so bright it burns my eyes. - writer
Quotation Happiness is not pleasure, it is victory. - writer
Quotation Only as long as a company can produce a desired, worthwhile, and needed product or service, and can command the public, will it receive the public dollar and succeed - writer