The best Quotations

How many a man has dated a new era in his life from the reading of a book.
- Henry David Thoreau

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Quotation Our passion are the true phoenixes; when the old one is burnt out, a new one rises from its ashes. - writer
Quotation Let a man then know his worth, and keep things under his feet. Let him not peep or steal, or skulk up and down with the air of a charity-boy, a bastard, or an interloper. - writer
Quotation Prevention is better than cure. - writer
Quotation Thou must be emptied of that wherewith thou art full, that thou mayest be filled with that whereof thou art empty. - writer
Quotation There is no such thing as security. There never has been. - writer
Quotation We in the West do not refrain from childbirth because we are concerned about the population explosion or because we feel we cannot afford children, but because we do not like children. - writer