The best Quotations

He who limps is still walking.
- Stanislaw J. Lec

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Quotation Be a good animal, true to your animal instincts. - writer
Quotation We have as many planes of speech as does a painting planes of perspective which create perspective in a phrase. The most important word stands out most vividly defined in the very foreground of the sound plane. Less important words create a series of deeper planes. - writer
Quotation The seven deadly sins... food, clothing, firing, rent, taxes, respectability and children. Nothing can lift those seven millstones from Man's neck but money; and the spirit cannot soar until the millstones are lifted. - writer
Quotation Wisdom and understanding can only become the possession of individual men by travelling the old road of observation, attention, perseverance, and industry. - writer
Quotation The applause of a single human being is of great consequence. - writer
Quotation Criticism should not be querulous and wasting, all knife and root-puller, but guiding, instructive, inspiring. - writer