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Egotism is the source and summary of all faults and miseries.
- Thomas Carlyle

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Quotation The separation of church and state is a source of strength, but the conscience of our nation does not call for separation between men of state and faith in the Supreme Being. - writer
Quotation Pressure is a word that is misused in our vocabulary. When you start thinking of pressure, it's because you've started to think of failure. - writer
Quotation My books are water; those of the great geniuses are wine - everybody drinks water. - writer
Quotation The highest principles for our aspirations and judgments are given to us in the Jewish-Christian religious tradition. - writer
Quotation Literature does not exist in a vacuum. Writers as such have a definite social function exactly proportional to their ability as writers. This is their main use. - writer
Quotation In this world of change naught which comes stays and naught which goes is lost. - writer