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Obscurantism is the academic theorist's revenge on society for having consigned him or her to relative obscurity - a way of proclaiming one's superiority in the face of one's diminished influence.
- David Lehman

There is an air of last things, a brooding sense of impending annihilation, about so much deconstructive activity, in so many of its guises; it is not merely postmodernist but preapocalyptic.
- David Lehman

Words can have no single fixed meaning. like wayward electrons, they can spin away from their initial orbit and enter a wider magnetic field. no one owns them or has a proprietary right to dictate how they will be used.
- David Lehman

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Quotation The jack-of-all-trades seldom is good at any. Concentrate all of your efforts on one definite chief aim. - writer
Quotation Anyone who lies golf on television would enjoy watching the grass grow on the greens. - writer
Quotation Sure of their qualities and demanding praise, more go to ruined fortunes than are raised. - writer
Quotation You traverse the world in search of happiness, which is within the reach of every man. A contented mind confers it on all. - writer
Quotation Passion makes the best observations and the sorriest conclusions. - writer
Quotation Man's unhappiness, as I construe, comes of his greatness; it is because there is an Infinite in him, which with all his cunning he cannot quite bury under the Finite. - writer