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A typical day in the life of a heavy metal musician consists of a round of golf and an aa meeting.
- Billy Joel

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Quotation Politeness is the flower of humanity. - writer
Quotation The kind of relatedness to the world may be noble or trivial, but even being related to the basest kind of pattern is immensely preferable to being alone. - writer
Quotation Historians will have to face the fact that natural selection determined the evolution of cultures in the same manner as it did that of species. - writer
Quotation However things may seem, no evil thing is success and no good thing is failure. - writer
Quotation I daresay anything can be made holy by being sincerely worshipped. - writer
Quotation Who has not felt the beauty of a woman's arm? The unspeakable suggestions of tenderness that lie in the dimpled elbow, and all the varied gently-lessening curves, down to the delicate wrist, with its tiniest, almost imperceptible nicks in the firm softness. - writer