Special Titles of some Literary Persons of different period of English Literature


Venerable Bede
Father of English learning.

Alfred the Great
The founder of English prose.

Father of English poetry.

John Wycliff
Father of English prose.

Sir Thomas Wyatt
First sonneteer in English literature.

William of Newbury
Father of historical criticism.

First poet in English literature.

Edmund Spenser
The poet of poet.

William Shakespeare
Bard of Avon

John Donne
Poet of love/Metaphysical poet.

John Milton
Epic poet/ The great master of verse.

John Dryden
Father of English criticism.

Alexander Pope
Mock heroic poet.

Henry Fielding
Father of English novel.

William Wordsworth
Poet of Nature/ Lake poet/ Poet of children.

S.T. Coleridge
Poet of supernaturalism/ Opium eater.

Lord Byron
Rebel poet.

P.B. Shelley
Revolutionary poet/ Poet of hope and regeneration.

John Keats
Poet of beauty

George Bernard Shaw
The greatest modern dramatist and Psychiatrist.

Sigmund Freud
A great psycho-analysist and psychiatrist.

Jane Austen
Anti-romantic in Romantic age.

Francis Bacon
Father of English Essay.

Lindley Murray
Father of English Grammar

Coleridge & Wordsworth
Father of Romanticism.

Nicholas Udall
First English comedy writer

Christopher Marlowe
Father of English Tragedy.

James Joyce
Father of English Stream of Concsious Novel.

Edgar Allen Poe
Father of English Mystery play.

Samuel Johnson
Father of English one Act play.