Novels and Writers

Earnest Hemingway
: A Farewell to arms, For whom the bell tolls, Old man and the sea.

John Bunyan
: Pligrim Progress (Allegorial Novel)

Virginia Woolf
: A Hunter House

Oscar wilde
: A Ideal Husband, A woman of no importance

George orwell
: Animal Farm

Nirad C.
: A Passage to England

E.M. Forster
: A Passage to India

: Anna Karenina, War and peace

Jules Verne
: Around the world in eight days

: Crime and Punishment

Jame Austen
: Emma

Thomas Hardy
: Far from madding crowd, Tess of the d'Urbervilles, The return of the native.

Arundhuty Roy
: Good of small things.

: Sons and lovers, Lady and chatterly's lover.

Jane Austen
: Sence and sensibility, Pride and prejudice.

Henry Fielding
: Top secret, Tom Jones

Walter Scott
: Ivanhoe(novel), The Heart of Midlothian(novel), Lady of the Lake(poem), Patriotism(poem), The Lay of the Last Minstrel(poem).

HG Wells
: Invisible man

Daniel Defoe
: Robinson Crusoe

William Faulkner
: Sound and the Fury

Alexander Dumas
: Three musketeers.

James Joyce
: Ulysses.

Mrs. Harrietstowe
: Uncle to Cabin

W.M. Thackeray
: Vanity Fair

Oliver Goodsmith
: Vicar of wakefield.